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Frequently Asked Questions

About Brocshots

One Goal

Brocshots was established with one clear goal: to deliver the best quality, most advanced and effective broccoli sprout product on the planet.

The Brocshots shot provides a totally natural and convenient way to get your daily dose of broccoli sprouts – an exceptional source of Sulforaphane.

What is Brocshots Australia?

We are a young Australian company dedicated to helping people after founder/director Jay Silvester solved a life long asthma issue by taking a daily dose of a broccoli sprouts.

About Sulforaphane

Whats so special about broccoli sprouts?

According to various researchers ( including John Hopkins and Ohio State University), they contain 1000 percent more nutrients than mature broccoli. Sulforaphane being the amazing phytochemical found highest in broccoli sprouts.

Broccoli sprouts are three to four day old broccoli plants that look like alfalfa sprouts, but tastes like radishes.

How to Use Brocshots

If I don't enjoy or like my Brocshots in any way can I return them?

You can return your Brocshots to the place of purchase for a full refund.

How long will my Brocshots last before going out of date?

Brocshots has a long shelf life due to our air tight chamber in our cap. Keeping our nutrients as fresh as the day they were harvested. You will find a used by date on the bottom of your Brocshots box.

Do I put my Brocshots in the fridge?

NO. leave your Brocshots in their box or in the kitchen drawer, in the cupboard or on your kitchen bench, I put my caps in my fruit bowel. You can put cold water or juice in the bottle if you want your Brocshot cold.

What can I put in my Brocshot bottle before I activate my cap?

We recommend using water or your favourite fruit juice, served either cold or at room temperature. We do not recommend using milk or carbonated beverages.

Who can take Brocshots?

Anyone looking to optimise, maximise,improve and enhance their body. Yes anyone from early childhood to the elderly.

How many Brocshots can I take a day?

Most people go well with just one shot per day, if you have more going on with your body, then take one Brocshot twice a day.


Are the Brocshots bottle and caps 100% recyclable?

YES they are. We encourage all our Brocshots customers to also re use their Brocshot bottle by just giving it a simple couple of rinses under the tap and put into your washing up tray or drawer, or wherever its convenient.

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