About Us

Harvesting Natures Defence System To Turn On Your Own SWITCH ON TO THE POWER OF SULFORAPHANE, Activate your own DNA, Turn on your detox Turn on your own antioxidants Shut down your inflammation, Australian owned, grown & produced. Backed by science, intensely researched


• Jay Silvester 

• Director: Broc Shots Australia Pty Ltd

Jay Silvester, the visionary behind creating a whole Broccoli and Daikon sprout concentrate shot that is Brocshots. After personally resolving a lifelong asthma issue using a Sulforaphane yielding product, Jay became extremely interested to find out the reason why Sulforaphane was working for him.

Jay began to read extensively the research on this compound. From there Jay felt that through R&D he could develop an even more potent product than what he was taking. Jay travelled extensively throughout Europe investigating organic high yielding sources of Broccoli and Daikon sprouts and was dedicated to finding and developing harvesting, production and the unique Brocshot delivery system, to maximise the benefits of the ingredients.

Jay has personally put together and developed equipment, ingenuity and professional connections used exclusively by Brocshots Australia. Jay is committed to consistently investigating and embracing any advances in the further development of Brocshots to consistently bring you a cutting edge, backed by science whole sprout shot that is batch tested and consistently performing at the highest levels possible.


  • turn on your DETOX
  • more ENERGY
  • shutdown your INFLAMMATION
  • activate your DNA
  • turn on your ANTIOXIDANTS
  • switch ON to the POWER OF SULFORAPHANE